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How Kensington Senior Living Provides Support to Caregivers & Families 

Caregiving is essential to families, friends, and communities. It is one of the most rewarding and challenging roles a person can take on. 

Finding support and resources is critical to a caregiver’s health. 

Without support and self-care, caregivers can suffer physically, emotionally, and cognitively. Kensington Senior Living Communities offer caregivers resources and tips through events, classes, and podcasts. 

Effective coping strategies can help a caregiver feel empowered, valued, and less stressed. 

When the needs of your senior loved one increase and you’re struggling to care for them, reach out to a safe senior living community. 

Whether your loved one is ready to transition to an assisted living or memory care community now, or you just need assistance, one of the Kensington Senior Living communities can help. 

How Caregiver Support Groups Can Help

Joining a caregiver support group can effectively reduce stress and isolation. During meetings, caregivers can receive support, socialize, vent, learn tips, and find new resources. 

An Opportunity to Connect with Others

Support groups give caregivers a chance to share their experiences with others in similar circumstances. It can be easier to discuss feelings when others can relate. Being understood can make a caregiver feel less isolated and alone.

A Confidential Space

Most support groups are confidential. It can be easier to speak without fear or judgment when caregivers know others will not repeat their stories. Often, caregivers feel guilty for their negative feelings towards caregiving. This can make it difficult for them to speak openly and honestly.

Improved Mental Health and Overall Wellbeing

Socializing and making connections reduces depression, loneliness, and anxiety. When caregivers can receive feedback and learn new tips and skills, it can make life easier. 

Prevent Caregiver Burnout

Caregivers who attend caregiver support groups regularly are at less risk of caregiver burnout. Often, caregivers sacrifice socializing and self-care. Through meetings, they will mingle and be encouraged to engage in self-care. 

Feeling Empowered During Difficult Times

Through group activities and discussions, caregivers are empowered and inspired. With the proper education and inspiration, caregivers can feel better about themselves and their caregiver journey.

Finding Valuable Resources

Support groups offer many resources for caregivers and seniors in need. Perhaps you need advice, emotional support, or help with finding an adult care center or senior living home. 

Online Communities

Finding support online has been made relatively simple. Caregivers who cannot make it to in-person support groups can find support in the privacy of their own home. 

Private Support Groups on Facebook

Some groups can help you get in touch with others who share similar experiences. These groups are private, and only members can see or join discussions. Here you can find answers and advice on common caregiving issues. 

Our Kensington Senior Living Caregiver Support Groups

At all seven of our assisted living and memory care communities, we partner with our on-site team and health experts for monthly support groups – open to the public and exclusively to our resident’s families.

We’ve adapted multiple platforms for these group meetings in the midst of COVID protocols and preferences, by hosting in-person and virtually. Reach out to us today to find the nearest Kensington Senior Living caregiver support group near you.

We lend a hand to loved ones, and offer guidance for every emotion and experience on the caregiving journey. Our residents become a part of our family, and we are here to support friends and family members by being your partners in care. 

Which Type of Support Group is Right For You?

You can find support groups for any situation in different types of settings. To determine which one is best for you, you must look at your current situation. 

Does your senior loved one have Alzheimer’s or Dementia? Is your senior a disabled veteran? Are you caregiving alone, without the help of family members?

Every person and situation is different, so the help you need depends on you and your senior loved one. 

There are caregiving support groups specific to those caring for loved ones with memory diseases. Just as there are caregiver support groups for family members of cancer patients. 

Once you decide on the type of support you need, the next step is to determine if you would like to attend in-person, phone, or virtual meetings. Whichever you choose, they are all beneficial to the mental and emotional health of a caregiver.

Benefits of Joining a Caregiver Support Group

There are numerous benefits to joining a support group. 

Allow yourself to discuss your feelings and experiences with others who have been there or are also struggling. Doing so can help to validate your feelings and be less isolated. 

Socializing is essential to mental health. A caregiver is not meant to do everything alone and without support or guidance. Others may have practical solutions and advice for things causing you anxiety or pain. 

Depression is far too common in caregivers who do not seek support. You can combat caregiver stress and burnout by joining a group before your mental health hits rock bottom.

A support group can help you feel empowered and more in control. One reason caregivers become depressed and anxious is that they feel like they have no sense of control over their lives. 

Kensington Senior Living

At Kensington Senior Living, our team understands how challenging it is to be a caregiver. It can be overwhelming and time-consuming caring for a senior, causing you to neglect yourself.

Our Promise is to love and care for your family as we do our own. This is why we are here to support you and offer you a chance to learn how to love yourself as a caregiver. 

Our Kensington Senior Living communities partner with experts such as Dr. Marsha Nelson for a seven-week caregiver self-love virtual workshop. During this recurring virtual event, you are invited to learn breathing techniques and teach yourself how to relax quickly and effectively. Check out our events page to see the latest happenings in our communities for caregiver resources.

Finding a safe senior living community is beneficial not only for your senior loved one but also for the caregiver. Our warm and cozy homes include security features, rehabilitation services, and high acuity care.

We can offer your senior loved one daily comforts, life enrichment activities, exquisite dining services, and you peace of mind. 

Contact us to learn more about our safe senior living community and how we can help you and your senior loved one.